Halosian is Kristian Ahlgren from Sweden, Nybro (now Helsingborg). I've been producing Goa trance since 1996 and released my first album 2001 under the name Evolution Spring also available on Spotify.
My new project Halosian was started 2002 and it's an attempt to bring back the melodies, spirit and energy into the psychedelic trance music of today. The music has often been described to have an interesting air of originality. What I am trying to do is to develop the oldschool Goa trance music into something new that haven't been done already. I'm striving for a varied sound and am not reluctant of using less commonly used sounds or a different trackstructure compared to what was usually common for oldschool Goa. This is ofcourse my own interpretation of what newschool Goa should sound like and by making each track a bit different I hope to release an album which is fun to listen to and to develop both Goa music and my own experience pressing the boundaries to new levels.

Fred Holyszewski aka "DJ Dado" / Transwave said:
"pure claSSic goa trance!!!! you make...."

dj Inada and friends said: "this is the new mfg"

I think I have succeeded in creating something interesting new, still with clear traces of the music I love the most - Goa trance.