220330 - Finally!

I can't believe it has passed over ten years without composing any new music. Well, to make a long story short, another move went to the west coast of Sweden in 2010 to a town called Helsingborg.
Lots of work and different stuff happened in my life that never gave me any room for creativity, sadly.

I've decided to start some studies this autumn and the goal is to rebuild my studio once more. I've gained a lot of new ideas and am excited to restart and complete my songs. Give them a go in the music section.

Sit tight!

090103 - Signs of life!

The passed year has been quite a change in my life. After the gig in Belgium I decided to move to the city called Växjö, Sweden.
Shortly after that I was employed at a Human Resources services company. And this winter I had the opportunity to have the position as Head of booking synthpop/EBM/industrial at Swedens best festival www.arvikafestivalen.se.

It's not until now I have more time to rebuild my studio and start making music again.

I also want to take this opportunity to say hello to everyone who has requested me for a friend at myspace (over 200 people the last year!) I'm sorry I haven't had the time to chat with everyone but since it was YOU who requested my friendship I expect you to atleast say hello before I do! ;)

May you all have a great new year!

070416 - Home again!

Back from Belgium. I want to thank all the happy dancing Belgians for all the nice response I got on my gig. I hope to maybe come back to your wonderful country one day. There are some videos available here.

070210 - Halosian live!

Halosian will perform live at
Magic from the Goalands (070413) in Belgium. The party is said to take place in an old fortress. For more info visit DJ Inada at Myspace.

060814 - Artist of the week!

Halosian is featured as artist of the week at www.beatbiz.net.

060530 - New design!

A new design has been implemented for the Halosian website. Musicwise I'm currently working on improving all of my tracks (more or less). Production of a demo is to be finished for the promotion campaign this summer.

060417 - Halosian at Myspace!

Halosian has now landed at Myspace.com/halosian.

051221 - Picture if you Will!

Hohoho! Soon christmas and Halosian celebrates with the new completed track "Picture if you Will". Available for you as an over four minutes long uncut early christmas present in the music section! Enjoy!
I now have enough material to start a more active promotion campaign to hopefully, eventually have some of it released some day. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

051128 - Guestbook online!

The guestbook has been down for a while but is now online again. Musicwise I'm currently working on a new track called "Picture if you Will". Stay tuned for the teaser.

050801 - New track finished!

My tribute to the movie and book War of the Worlds. Probably one of my biggest efforts put in a track. Hope you like it as much as I do. Check out the music section!

050425 - Highpass Fixer finished!

The track is finished and here it is. This is the first time I give away a complete song so I hope you like it. Check out the music section!

041213 - Parallax World!

Still available for purchase here.

040818 - Website update!

Back from three magical days at Spaceport in Forest 2004.
For photos and a video from the festival visit www.spaceport.nu.
The music section has been updated with two new tracks:
Sid-dhartha 6581 (C64) and B.I.B.L.E.

040712 - Halosian live!

Halosian will perform live at Spaceport in Forest 2004 (040806-040808) together with Solar Quest, Miranda, Vibrasphere, Subcouds, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Ka-sol and more.

040509 - Another track finished!

New track: "Halosian Moon" finished and available in the music section.
As always with a full-mayhem style! Next upcoming track will be something extra experimental.
Hint - C64 :)

040213 - New track finished!

New track: "Out of Their Minds" finished and available in the music section.

040130 - Interview!

Today my interview for the local newspaper Östra Småland was published. Swedish or English.

040125 - Website is online!

After one day of coding/designing the Halosian website is online. Listen to some of the tracks available and write something in the guestbook.